Selection Criteria
Male citizen of Pakistan
Height 5’-6” (167.5 cm) and FA or FSc 2nd Division as a clerk Height 5’-3” (160 cm).
Chest 31.33” (78-83 cm).
Age 17 – 23 years (1 year relaxation for graduate and 2 years relaxation for driving license holder)
Qualification - Matric and Above
4 x Passport size photographs
Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or Form B and photocopy of Father’s CNIC.
Registration Fee Rs 50/-.
Original documents and 2 x photocopies of these entire document.
Relaxation in Selection Criteria

Education 8th class instead of matric in all arms/Services except Technicians, Nursing/Asst and Corps of Military Police (CMP).
Ht 5’-4” instead of 5’-6” and chest 74-79 instead of 78-83 cm except trade in which height and chest is required more than 5’-6” and 78-83 cm.
Age 26 years instead of 23 years.
FA/Fsc grade D instead of grade C for enrollment of Clerk.
FATA – 30% under matric Infantry Soldier instead of matric.
Gilgit - Baltistan
2” height in all arms/Services.
50% under matric (8th Class) soldiers instead of matric in all arms/services less Technician, Nursing/Asst and Corps of Military Police (CMP).
FA/FSc grade D instead of Grade C for enrollment of Clerk.
Common For All
1” relaxation in height and chest to individuals falling within age bracket of 17-20 years.
1 year age for individuals having qualification BA/BSc and above.
17-1/2 – 25 years for individuals having valid driving license for enrolment of driver.
Conduct of Written Test - Recruits
Written Test for entries of soldiers, matric and above is an imp segment of induction process. Pattern of question paper will be on the following lines:-
English (30 Marks). This part will consist of easy translation both English to Urdu and Urdu to English and simple singular/plurals.
Urdu (20 Marks). This portion will include the corrections of sentences, simple singular/plurals and change of the gender.
Mathematics (20 Marks). 5 questions framed from Factorization, Logarithm, Subtraction of Polynomials, Algebra and Variations will be given in this section.
General Knowledge, Islamiyat and Geography (10 Marks each). In these segments 10 question each from all three subjects will be asked from the candidates in the form of fill in the blanks and multiple choice.

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